Photography by Brian Evans

Words by Jessica Cartie

This project is about one thing: Beer. While Brian is more of a beer enthusiast than me, we both enjoy a well-poured pint. So with home brews and micro brews becoming more and more popular, Brian and I decided to go on a venture into the world of brewing. So far the project has led us to meet some very interesting and inventive home brewers. From the imaginative brew systems they create to the tasty recipes they conjure up, we’ve been taking it all in. Not to mention, the home brewers we have met along the way have been generous enough to let us sample their beer. I think Brian would agree when I say, I am thoroughly impressed. We are thrilled to introduce this project and we hope you follow us on our journey into brewing. Cheers!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Brian & Jessica,

    I’m not sure how I stumbled accross your Beer photography project but I love what you’ve done, both the photogrpahy and writing are very well done. I really like what you’re doing to help Southern California’s brewing scene..

    Myself and a partner are a few months away from opening the doors to a small production craft brewery and tasting room in the city of Orange CA – called Old Orange Brewing Co.

    We’ve been in the planning, permit and build out phase for a very long time, unfortunate delays with city, politics, etc, (should have been oven almost 12 months ago) but we finally see the end in sight.

    Would you be interested in adding our small craft brewer to your project?

    Tony Foster
    Old Orange Brewing Co

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