Update – Brandon Fender – The Good Beer Company

The Good Beer Company is open! During my visit last week they had three beers on tap all of which were delicious. What I enjoyed about the beers is that they are sessionble, but packed full of flavor. I love a big stout or IPA, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to have a few without struggling to find the door on the way out. The winner for me was definitely their Saison. The Beer Salvaje was awesome as well and the Pale Wheat was tasty. My apologies, but we are not beer critics so we stick to the like it or not review style.

So, The Geed Beer Company makes great beer, but my other favorite part about this brewery is the building itself. You can read a bit more about its history in my previous post about Brandon (link below). The building, with its brick walls and original wood beamed ceiling is so full of character. There is a handcrafted feel about this place that makes it a rad spot to spend some time. There are no TVs and the seating invites people to actually talk to each other. This is the perfect spot to meet some new people and taste some amazing beer.

It’s been a blast documenting The Good Beer Company’s journey and its rad to see how far they have come. The doors are open and the beer is ready. Next time you want a beer take the journey to Santa Ana and give them a visit. In the meantime like them on FACEBOOK, follow them on INSTAGRAM and check out their WEBSITE. Also, if you want to learn more about their history check out our original story HERE.


Brandon Fender 10032014_0003 Brandon Fender 10032014_0016 Brandon Fender 10032014_0028 Brandon Fender 10032014_0037


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