Tasting a la Peace Brewing…

We’re back! It has been quite awhile since our last post, and we apologize for that. It doesn’t mean we weren’t thinking about or drinking beer, because we were. Instead of touring SoCal breweries this past summer, we were fortunate enough to go on an Irish adventure. The majority of our trip was spent exploring Ireland’s beautiful landscape and local pubs, but we were also able to sneak in a side trip to Belgium and the Netherlands. For photos check out Brian Evans Photography.

Since our return, we have been lining up a few more projects for Thee Beer Book, including up-and-coming breweries and one mind-blowing homebrew setup. So be sure to continue checking in.

Until then, enjoy some photos from a recent beer tasting event hosted by the man of the hour, Bradley Daniels – to see what we mean by “man of the hour,” grab a copy of Brew Your Own Magazine to see the two page spread of Bradley Daniels and his backyard brewery, photos by our very own Brian Evans. Though our focus is not on beer events, we thought this one was particularly enjoyable. The spectrum of beers tasted was mighty vast and the company was delightful as always.

So without further ado… Here is a list of the beers enjoyed at the tasting compliments of Greg Nagel at the OC Beer Blog as well as photos from the evening:

BeancurdTurtle ISA*
Surley Rye Lager.
Jessica Rice Watermellon Chili*
BrewFoo Apricot Ale*
Jessica Rice Tea Fusion with pineapple*
Matt Becker Saison Royale*
North Coast La Merle
Jolly Pumpkin Bam Noir
Deschutes Hop in the Dark CDA
Fort Awesome Brewing BIPA Spare Armadillo*
Knee Deep Brewing Ryedentity Crisis
Scott Bennet StarRaptor Double American Red Ale*
Old Orange Brewing Cannonball IPA
Old Orange Brewing Old Dummy Ale
Grand Teton Brewing Pursuit of hoppyness
BrewFoo Cocanut Porter*
Danas Blueberry Heffy*
The Bruery harder faster thingy slower stronger thingy.
Nico Soze Pumkin Brown*
BeanCurdTurtle Coffee Scottish 70*
Fort Awesome Brewing Cap’n Peanut Porter*
Backyard Brewing America stout*
Samual Smith Yorkshire Stingo
Shawn Olsson handled the beer.
Barley made an appearance.
Scott of SNB Brewing pouring one of his awesome brews.
Eric of Addison Homebrew Provisions staring down something delicious.
Don from BackHouse Brew loves the camera.
Somehow Don tricked me into having my photo taken.
Daniel Fernandez pouring a glass of amazing.
Jess taking a break from beer to talk literature.
Tour time.

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